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Dude, where's my pick?!

Feel like you're losing your plectrums? Fear not, we've got just the right accessories for you. From pick wallets, tuners and capos to speaker/amp leads and strings, we've got you sorted. 



Starting up a band? Or even going solo! We're on your wavelength. 


Anything from stage lights to PA systems, amps, and microphones, we've got just the right equipment for you. Come on down and try out our foot pedals for a whole new sound! 



Limited Edition Desert Red, Session GodinLimited Edition Desert Red, Session Godin


Epiphone Les Paul Ultra


Epiphone Ultra with a nano acoustic pickup in the neckEpiphone Ultra with a nano acoustic pickup in the neck
























Epiphone Les Paul by Gibson

Hollow body semi-acoustic Epiphone by GibsonHollow body semi-acoustic Epiphone by Gibson